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Monetizing Vidio Dek Method As Promised

With the launch of Vidio Dek over i promised my subscribers that bought through my link i would put together some training on a simple strategy on how you can use Vidio Dek to make yourself commissions online Well here it is.. This video will walk you through the process of (A) Finding keywords to target (B) Using a platform which…

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Product Review

Vidio Dek Review & Interview & Bonus | Video Dek with Mark Bishop & Lee Pennington

Vidio Dek Review & Interview & Bonus | Video Dek with Mark Bishop & Lee Pennington

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Product Review and Interview

Total Ecom Takeover Review, Bonus & Interview with Manny Hanif

  Click here to grab your Ecom bonus (claim it in the checkout area inside JVzoo) Total Ecom Takeover Review, Bonus & Interview with Manny Hanif & Declan Mc & Venkata Ramana

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Traffic buddy

Traffic Buddy Product Owner Review And My Traffic Bonus

Today i review a product called Traffic buddy. Traffic buddy is a WordPress plugin which has a very cool concept behind it. I managed to get Firas on a interview who is part of the team who created this product. Firas spoke to me about how this product worked and why it worked so well.…

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Youtube Marketing Has Now Changed

Let me walk you through exactly what i mean in this video…   One other thing to remember, if you use Amazon as your affiliate program they will even retarget people on Facebook for you. Remember they are cookied under your affiliate link..   Click Here To Continue To The Information Page . .

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Strip Right Back Bare

How are you awesome people ? So i wanted to do something a little different with my communication with you’s .. Things can get a little impersonal sometimes with text base emails so i thought i would shoot you a personal (Stripped right back) message instead. You can check out the video of me below…

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Google rankings

How Google Moves You In The Search Engines

Understand How Google Will Move Your Website OR Video In The Search Engines. This is paramount to learning how to rank… Posted by Stace Ace on Friday, June 26, 2015

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Image of Luke Muigire Social Auto Bots

SocialAutoBots Review And Walkthrough

Traffic is undoubtedly what it’s all about. if you want to many an impact online or make any kind of money you need TRAFFIC. Where you get your traffic from is another story. There are hundreds of places to get traffic from paid, free, viral it doesn’t matter but the best traffic is targeted traffic…

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Why Google is full of shit

Why Google Full Of Shit And Why You should Take It With A Pinch Of Salt

WTF Google’s at it again, BUT do you all fall for that shit. Most people seem like they are scared of the big G… What you have to remember is that Google is just a robot and robots are not that advanced where they can out smart humans YET. There’s a process to to ranking but what…

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Just my thoughts

  If you can get used to taking failure as progress then you are half way there to making it as a entrepreneur.. If you fail at something then you have a valuable insight into what it takes to make it. Most people will talk about how they are going to do this and how they…

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