74 CommentLuv Enabled Blogs, For Blog Comment Backlinks

This  commentluv enabled blogs list has been put together by Stacy Flick. And I can just hear your thoughts now.


Who the hell is Stacy Flick and how long is this article going to be? Show me the commentluv enabled blogs list. Ha ha.


It’s the same anytime you see a compelling title to blog post.


You just want to skip along through all the boring content like a 5 year old little girl in a playground happy as hell, licking her lollypop until you hit the juicy bits, making the title that you read worth all the speed reading you’ve just done.


Well, I’ve got news for you. The list of 74 CommentLuv Enabled Blogs is at the bottom of this page.


Go on, take a look, but your going to miss some great tips on using this list.



For all you’s that didn’t take a look or took a look but never seen it, i will continue with the valuable content that will make your commentluv enabled blogs list even more valuable.


How To Use This List Of Commentluv Enabled Blog Posts 


First off, this list of commentluv enabled blogs has been marked with the page rank of each blog. BUT, i would just like to point out that the page rank is to the home page of the domain which means, that the actual post that you decide to comment on may be a different page rank.


Your all looking for a high page rank blog post to comment on Right?


Well, you can use this real handy Firefox addon to check the page rank of any page that you land on plus, there’s also loads more information that it gives you once installed. The addon is real easy to install and use, in fact once installed you don’t have to do anything except search as normal.


Ive put together this short video to show you how to install and use it.

When commenting on these blogs the best thing you can do is to leave a valuable opinion in the comments box.


OK, so you are going to get a backlink because you’re using my commentluv enabled blogs list, but you want people to actually click on that link also.


What I’m saying is don’t just put something like, “Great blog post I really like your style of writing, thanks for the share” It’s cheap and spammy.


The best way to get people to click on your link and drive targeted traffic back to your own blog, is to leave a great and knowledgable comment related to the blog post you’re commenting on. People will end up thinking you are some Jonny BIG Potatoes whizz kid in your niche. Not that I’m saying you’re not.


Another thing you would want to consider when using this list of commentLuv enabled blogs is where abouts you put your comments.


If you are commenting in the next available space (which would be at the bottom of the comments list) you are not going to see much in the way of exposure from the blogs visitors.


What I find effective (if this is possible at the time) is to reply to the first comment. This will put you up the top of the list and get you more exposure which will lead to more clicks on your commentluv link that has been left.


One last thing,


When you are looking through this list of commentluv enabled blogs, try to comment on a blog post that is fresh, up to date and with as less comments on there as possible. This will again get you to the top of the comments list and get you more exposure. Have you ever come across a blog post with 100 odd comments on the post? If your number 101 do you think anyones going to read all them others?


So don’t be number 101 in this comments list get on it fast.












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