Who The Hell Is This Dude?....

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Hey guys Stace Ace here and i wanted to do this quick video just to let you know a little bit about myself. If you've googled Stace Ace then you've probably come across this video online. 

I'm 38 years old and i’ve been online for 5years now i’ve got a beautiful wife, very very supportive and been making money in the online industry and you know you have to have that support around you. I'll get into that a little bit more later.

I've got a 2 year old boy and i've got an 18year old lad as well so i’m 38 years old i’m living in london Uk. I started online about 5 years ago and it was not till the last  2 years that i'd really been taking off and seeing some success so you know, just remember to yourself if you are online and you're trying to make it online and make money online you are going to fail a lot just like anything else really. If you do not know and you're learning, you are going to end up failing but failing is all part of it yea, so if you can accept that and put it behind you and move on you'll do really really well ok and that goes for anything really, not just making money online but goes for everything.

I've been in the SEO space and i got into that actually i've always been into SEO i'd say and i just really got the bug for it, i love seeing how things work and working out how to get to that first page position and kind of like you are trying to game the system if you like.

Working it out and understanding how google works and how you can get your properties into the search engine, i just love it i've got the bug for it. I've been coaching

i've been consulting for SEO companies, i've been making money through SEO you know affiliate marketing, i’ve been working with local businesses and helping them out and getting them more traffic leads. I've been doing lead generation, building websites, ranking websites and renting them out you know i’ve been doing some pretty good stuff really basically around SEO and i really really love it and i love teaching it as well thats something i really do love.

I'm passionate about that and i understand the struggle it took me to learn this, you know the money i spent online trying to learn it and the years of trial and error and picking up little bits of information on the internet you know and its hard going. Let me tell you its hard going trying to learn it that way, now if i would have known what i'd known now back then obviously in hind sight and all i would have got myself a mentor straight away, somebody who is making it, somebody who knows this you know so you can by pass and cut through years and years of failure and heartache and spending money as well because at the end of the day i know i’ve spent a lot of money online buying products and its not all about the money, its also about the time as well you spend doing all this.

If i'd have known back then i would have definitely got myself a mentor and learnt from somebody who is actually doing this and getting results.

I just want to say two things, two things that will help you succeed online. One i've already spoken about is failure, you are going to fail online no matter what you do in life you are going to fail. if you want to be an olympic runner you are not going to go straight into winning a gold medal straight away, you are going to fail, now its how you look at those failures is what counts.

If you want to say that's it failure i'm crap and i cant do it, then you are not going to progress fast you are not going to succeed what you need to do is look at the failures and go right i’ve failed what can i learn from that, push it behind you and move on.

Second thing is taking action you've heard this time and time again on the internet, people say take action now this failure and taking action go hand in hand because when you fail sorry when you take action you will fail ok and failing is all part of it because as i mentioned about failing you are going to.

The beauty of failing however is, you are going to get wiser  and you are going to learn more, so you need to take action and do not worry about what other people think, do not worry about what other people say as there's lots of haters online. 

These people sit behind their computers and continue hating people, keyboard warriors. Don’t worry about what people say, you just get on with what you're doing and immerse yourself in the people that are giving you support , the people that are patting you on the back and the people that are saying go on Stace you are doing well.

Immerse yourself in those kind of people, because thats who you want to have around and push everyone else to one side but please take action. When you do take action you will obviously start getting better at what you do, because you are taking action and you are learning but also you'll start getting noticed by people.

People who are in this industry and are influential and are doing well themselves, will start to notice you because you are taking action. Now this is a rare thing online, you know making money online this is rare that people take action, so when you do take action people online, influential people will start looking at you watching you and then eventually you will start to get to work with these people but you have to take action.

Just imagine how many people hit these influential people up every single day saying i want to do this, i want to do that, i want to make money like you 100s you know probably 50 to 100 people a day in-boxing these big guys. You have to side step that stuff, it doesn’t work you have to side step that stuff and you know get through the barriers by taking action seeing success working hard, cause at the end of the day thats what its all about.

Ok i hope this has been helpful to you and i hope you got a bit of insight as to who i am and what i’m about, as well. I love to help people out as i say i’m not here to do things for people but like i've just said, i look for people that take action and consistently take action and get results cause thats the kind of people that i personally want to work with and you'll find that other influential people want to work with as well, otherwise they are wasting their time. Ok hope its been good and this is Stace Ace and i'll speak to you later.