Free Traffic Generator That Will Boast Your Organic traffic By 94%

Free traffic generator that increase’s organic traffic by 94%, that can’t be true , but if it is, where can I get it? and how does it work?


Well, let me tell you something first. It is true and I’m going to show you how it works and where you can get it for free.


Everyone is always looking for the next big thing in traffic generation not to mention free organic traffic. It can be a pain to keep up with, not just the best way but the most ethical as you don’t want Google changing their algorithms and your best webpage or worst still your whole website gets stuck in the search engine combustion chamber and spat out Google’s exhaust pipe.


You see, getting a free traffic generator that increases organic traffic by 94% is unheard of especially if it’s ethical.

Well here is the best overlooked method and it’s straight from the big Gs mouth itself.

Google Authorship. You may have heard of Google authorship but don’t know how to get it or at least, make it work on all your posts.

Here’s a snippet of what it looks like and YES it will increase your traffic clicks by 94%

Here’s a result for Google Authorship – this will boost your click through rate (CTR)

Here’s a result without – this blends into the rest of the results

So how do you activate this, create a free traffic generator and make your picture appear in the search results. To make this as easy as possible I’ve recorded this short video to walk you through how its done. I will also include links to any resources that I mention in the video below.

So watch the video below and use this free traffic generator that increase’s organic traffic by 94%


Resources Mentioned In The Video

Test to see if your Authorship is working with this link

Set up your Google Plus account if you already haven’t

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