Google Search Features, Are You Using Them Correctly?

I’m pretty sure that everyone reading this knows How to use google search features right? And your probably thinking, what the hell are you writing a blog about using Google, i use it everyday, who doesn’t know how to use Google.

Well i’m going to show you a few cool Google search features that can help you out when searching on the internet. These few tricks will make your search results more targeted and get you to your information quicker.


Let’s dive right in and let me show you how to use google search features to narrow your results.


Using quotes with Google search features can not only target your results but it can also tell you about your competitors if you want to rank for a keyword.

Let’s say you were searching for the term, green bottles. Google will give you search engine results pages (SERPS) containing the word Green and the word Bottles. So the page could be about green grass, green fingers, green traffic lights, green leaves, basically anything with green in it. plus you are going to get SERPS containing the word bottles, so this could be milk bottles, coke bottles, beer bottles you get the picture. Also Google could give you these two words the wrong way around, for example, bottles green.


Using quotes in your search would look like this, “green bottles”.  This way Google will only return results pages with the term green bottles in that order which will make your search highly targeted.

Also using quotes will let you know exactly how many competing pages there are for that keyword, so as i said, if you want to rank for a keyword you would want to shoot for a competition level of around 50,000 – 80,000 competing pages, the more competing pages the harder it will be to rank on the first page.

You can also get great results by using the minus signs in your search query. Let’s say your were looking for fast cars for sale in London and most of the search results were coming back with jaguar’s and Audi’s which were (at the moment) to expensive for us. What you can do is use a minus sign to filter out any makes of cars that you do not want to see in the search engine results pages (SERPS). This would look something like this

fast cars for sale in Coventry -jaguar -audi

OK, now let’s say you were using Google to search for the same query again, fast cars for sale in London but this time you had just received a letter from your long lost uncle in South Africa and learnt that you had just inherited a cool 2.5 million, NICE! So we now have a bit of spare cash to play with you can choose a car that you are interested in, let’s say Audi. Using the plus sign works like the minus sign but obviously the opposite way around. This will give you more results with Audi in the SERPS to choose from. This would look like this,

fast cars for sale in London +Audi
Another cool trick for Google search features would be to use the term, site: This works by targeting the keyword that you are looking for directly within the website address you input after site: This would look like this,

fast cars for sale in London

This is going to give you all the fast cars in London that are listed on

You can also go as far as using these following terms at the beginning of your keyword search,

  • allintitle: to search for your inputted keyword to appear only in the title of the search results.
  • allintext: to search for your inputted keyword to appear only in the text of the search results.
  • allinurl: to search for your inputted keyword to appear only in the URL (web address) of the search results.
  • allinanchor: to search for your inputted keyword to appear only in any links of the search results.

The above search terms are great for checking to see what is online and what keywords to go after.

The last one i know of is using Links: When you use this search term you can check for any links that are  pointing back to your site. This search term looks like this links:, i find it an additional way to check my backlinks, or any one else’s for that matter.

So this is how you use Google search features from the information that i know, but please feel free to add anymore search terms that you can think of below in the comments area, i’m always up for learning new tricks. You can also check out my other posts below where i share similar information.


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