How To Embed Youtube Videos, “NOT In Bed With Youtube”

Hey guy’s this is a short video post to show you how to embed Youtube video’s

Just click the play button and let me show you how easy it is to place video’s on your website




How to embed Youtube videos is one of the easiest tasks one you know how. Youtube want their video’s embed on other website and in-fact reward you for doing this. How do they reward you i hear you ask? Well, your video which has been embed will be seen as a great video the more websites it is embed on to. If web masters are using your video on their websites then it must be a good video hence the reason why your video will climb the ranks on Youtube and even Google.

But how to embed Youtube video’s is real easy. Youtube will provide you with an embed code all you do is take this embed code and paste it in to on of your posts. You can get the full explanation on how to embed Youtube videos on the video tutorial above.

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