How To Increase Blog Traffic Get Backlinks And Make It Permanent

I wanted to write this article to show people who are struggling with their traffic techniques, how to increase blog traffic, get backlinks to their website and most importantly make all this a permanent thing.


We all want to learn how to increase blog traffic to your website, after all it’s the life blood of your business. There are also so many techniques in which work, it’s hard to figure out which one is the best and which one to spend your time on.


The free techniques are not always the best in the long run, as most things that are free are either poor quality or don’t last very long. If you are serious about learning how to increase blog traffic to your website then you must be prepared to either spend a bit of money or spend a lot of time. I want to talk to you today about a technique that not only gets traffic to your blog but one that is permanent and gives you a backlink every time.


The Best Strategy On How To Increase Your Blog Traffic


If you could write one blog post once a week and receive about 20 backlinks, 400 visitors per month and have the guarantee that all your links are permanent would that be worth it to you? Of cause it would.


Let’s say that you wrote 2 articles per week, which is very easy for a serious blogger. You did this for 3 months straight, after these 3 months you could expect to have 24 articles indexed on your site, 480 niche related backlinks, 2400 targeted visitors and all this is a permanent traffic source which grows and grows each week.


So How Does This Work?



It all works by leveraging your time and knowledge. Good articles take time to write so leveraging your articles makes perfect sense. I make it a religious job to write one article every week on a Sunday, nothing to do with Sunday being a holy day.


Once i’ve finished writing my article i add my article in to a spinning software, spin it in to thousands, millions and even sometimes billions of different variations, not that i need this many. Then i take that the article which is in spun format and submit it to a site where they distribute it to about 1500 websites.


You can not sell your services directly but you can add your website link into the article to 1, drive highly targeted traffic back to your site and 2, get that all important backlink to your website.


How To Increase Blog Traffic Method Number 2


Ok, This is just one method that i use but you can also incorporate another easy strategy into this as well. Keywords. How many bloggers actually shoot for keywords in their articles?


It sounds obvious but i see well written articles that are not optimised for any keywords. It’s very easy to find keywords as well. Just go to Google keyword planner and just type in some keywords. The keyword planner will suggest new, related keywords and tell you the searches that those keywords get per month.


Then just pick which ones you want to use and include them in your blog posts. This is a double whammy which will get you more targeted traffic to your blog posts.


Now you know how to increase blog traffic all you have got to do is implement these techniques.

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