I Played Kiss Chase With Google

So why are social media signals so important for your website? and why the stupid title for this post?

Well, I strongly believe that evolution is the reason why social media is so important for your website and the stupid title? Well we are all chasing Google’s next move which is what this article is all about.

We all know how Google is hard at work, everyday planning and plotting it’s way to keep on top of the internet world. Then you have the internet marketers and their make money online guys and girls hot on their heels testing the hell out of every little detail. From how many times they logged into their Google plus account on multiple IP addresses, to what the click through rate is on their mouse’s batteries.

This is evolution. Google is always evolving, you just got to try and keep up.

Any great marketer knows that testing the hell out of your results is the quickest way to succeed on the internet and keep one step behind Google. Let’s face it you are never going to keep one step ahead or even keep up with Google.

Evolution is one of the reasons that social media signals are so important for your website, because other strategies have been blasted time and time again and are getting old and crusty. Besides every man and his dog are on social media platforms (and I mean dogs, you even get people using Facebook pages for their dogs?). These platforms are where all the activity is going on, so this is where Google has to collect it’s data from.


 So let’s talk about Why Social Media Signals Are So Important For Your Website.

Not so long ago webmasters were all out concentrating on backlinking to their main website, creating a buzz around their website, driving traffic to their offers and really hyping up their site. This is not the most effective method about nowadays.

Now I’m not saying don’t spend time linking to your site in the more traditional ways, but what I am going to explain means you can literarily hammer your links and risk no penalization to your main money site from Google. Normally if you hammer your links at your main money site you will risk losing your rank, as this is not natural.

I’m talking about how great social bookmarks are, they are very powerful, can be over used and they index extremely fast.

Google is looking more so than ever for social media signals from people, such as likes, comments, thumbs up, circles, followers and subscribers. This is perfect if you use this strategy because you are leveraging these high PR (Page Rank) sites. If you’re doing things right, which should be converting your visitors on your social media sites to go visit your main money site, this will gain you a ton of traffic to your main money site.


Here’s How Social Media Signals Should Be Used


Literarily anything you post on your website or create as content, you need to share it on your social media sites as per usual, right..!  Then you need to bookmark them links to create a buzz about your supporting sites. ie, your Youtube Facebook, twitter social pages etc. This will give your supporting pages authority in Googles eyes and in turn give your main money site authority which links to it. This just strengthens the case for why social media signals are so important for your website. Also don’t just send links to your content send some to your actual channel, profile or main social pages.

Let me explain in this image.

You have to remember that with social bookmarks,


-They index really fast

-They are the most effective when they are used for the first time on a site.

-They are one of the most powerful links around.


If you think about it, social bookmarks lose their juice when you keep pointing them at your site. HOWEVER if you send them to your supporting pages ie your Youtube links, Facebook pages, E-zine articles, hub pages etc they still keep their link juice PLUS it looks more natural.

Also, it goes without saying, but make sure you have social media buttons on all your main money site pages to promote and share your content again, this way you get a viral effect.

If you want to learn more about how to use this strategy with other social media channels then pop your details into the form below and I can send you full details on why social media signals are so important for your website.

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