The Start Of My Internet Marketing Journey

Hi i am Stacy Flick, i am 36 years old with a beautiful fiancé and a gorgeous little boy who’s 16 months old. I live in London UK, enjoy hitting the gym and am HOOKED on the internet marketing way of life. I have made a bit of money over the years so i know for sure its possible to live off internet marketing but, i really want to step it up a gear and start to make some serious money. I’ve got myself a successful 6 figure  internet marketer as a mentor to teach me how to succeed which means you can learn all about how i’m doing it too by following me on my journey on this blog.

So welcome to my first official blog post documenting my journey on how I made money online with Internet Marketing.

Well… I say “How I made money online” to date (26 September 2013) I have only ever made about $200 – $300 online. Infact I actually saved my first ever cheque from ClickBank which was for $43.43. Trouble is I must have spent about $150 to get it, (chuckle)

I used to work for myself doing contract work, digging roads, laying underground pipes, basically in the building and construction industry.

While I enjoyed the work and traveled all over the country doing it I quickly found it to be a cut throat industry where cash backhanders and FREE football game tickets to the right people was the way to secure the contracts.

Eventually I realized that I was not even in control of my own company. Working for 3 years on a successful contract in London the work started to dry up, looking at another avenue to make money in I came across Glazier Kennedy in the USA. I attended one of their events and after that “I WAS HOOKED”

Internet Marketing was going to be my new business.

Now this was the end of 2010, I had finished my old business and threw myself into this Internet Marketing thing. The first thing I did was got a coach with a top internet marketing company called DotComSecrets.

Great, im going to be successful I thought..

Wrong…. Trouble was I knew absolutely NOTHING about Internet Marketing, I didn’t even know how to set up a website so I actually wasted this opportunity as I had bought a high level coaching program. Never the less I did learn a lot but not enough to make enough money to live on.

After buying product after product on the Internet trying to work out this internet marketing thing I eventually thought that I would do an offline project instead., I’ve still got the domain name if anyone wants to buy it, (chuckle), it’s basically an Ebay style website where you can rent house’s via an auction process. (Pretty neat I thought)

So this is about mid 2012 by now and I worked on this project for about 12 months exploring all the avenues, processes, website and costings involved. After sinking in a whooping $21,000 I came across a huge problem.

To do what I was proposing to do I would need investors to back the marketing budget. This was a big blow to me but, the way most things happen in life you have to pick yourself up and leave the shit behind you and move on.

If you never take a risk in life you are always going to be stuck in the same hole, not happy with your life, living from day to day and then the biggest kick in the b@lls is when you look back on what you have achieved in your life and its minimal.

Again though, buying products that promised 6,7 figure incomes in just a few weeks, trying membership sites, I even trying to build my own membership site from my experience that I had with the BidToRent thing.

One thing I realized was that having a mentor when I first started really accelerated my learning in this industry, BIG TIME.

So … I swallowed my pride, bit the bullet and searched for a competent mentor to show me a clear pathway to making money online. And not just a few dollars, I’m after a few $100,000 to start with. (he he)

After attending an internet marketing event in Manchester one weekend I saw a number of marketers speak but had never heard of any of them. Got back to my home in London and was pumped up to crack this Internet Marketing thing again.

Networking with a few of them on Facebook I eventually mailed a guy called Marc Millburn as he was doing coaching. Marc was very knowledgable on making money online but I was still skeptical as I had been burnt so many times in the past.

I caught a post that he put on his Facebook wall one day, he was doing a free webinar, “How I made $10,000 in 7 days with no list and no affiliates”. Sounded interesting, so I registered and he revealed how he did the whole process, for free.

Wow, it was a great strategy, very powerful. I thought this was it, this is the guy I need to get coaching off, this was the one, so I invested the money to go on his coaching program and this is it. I’m hear now writing this blog post because of it, this is what Marc teaches on his coaching, well along with heaps more other powerful strategies.

This is as I said my first blog post, but what I am going to do is document everything I am doing along the coaching program from setting up my website to the strategies I’m using to earn me money online, so 1, I can look back on my achievements and 2 anyone can follow me on my journey.

See, I know how hard it is to make money online as I have been trying for the last 2-3 years. Did you know that 99% of people who try to make money online fail and give up. So consider me and anyone else who wants to follow me the 1% of people who succeed…

My target is to be earning $10,000 every month in 6 months time. Pretty ballsy right..!

You can follow me on a number of different social media channels and subscribe to my VIP members group where again I will share my tips, tricks, shortcuts and experiences of taking my income from $0 (well a few $100) to $10,000 per month every month, that $120,000 per year.

Think I CAN’T do it ?

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