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Today i review a product called Traffic buddy. Traffic buddy is a WordPress plugin which has a very cool concept behind it. I managed to get Firas on a interview who is part of the team who created this product. Firas spoke to me about how this product worked and why it worked so well. Traffic buddy is a very easy to use handy plugin which will allow you to overlay popups on any site you choose. Yep, you hear that right. Like in the video review you can overlay a whole sales page if you want over any site.

What Firas and team have done is recored a case study showing how they did a 5 figure promotion using this method. Now, while they did use this method on the promotion, i can not say that it was responsible for 100% of the commissions but it is a very powerful cutie little plugin that will enable you to ride off the back of other peoples authority. Let me explain..

In their case study they promoted a product called "Connect leads" but what they did was send the traffic to an authoritive marketers page and then while the user was on the page they would get a popup appear, so essentially they are riding off the back of other peoples authority which will give higher conversions when the user is presented with the popup offer.

All in it's a good concept but my only worry with it is that it's not the most ethical of ways to sell online.

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