What are blog networks

Why Blog Networks Are Unbeatable

A short walk through on why you should be using blog networks in your SEO and why other conventional link building methods are flawed.

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Hey guys, Stace Ace here and I wanted to give you some information today about Private Blog Networks and really what they are, and how they can help you in your SEO efforts hugely.

Now, one of the main things about blog networks obviously they’re very, very powerful in what they do, but a couple of points actually about the reasons why they are so powerful is because you’re in full control. You fully control these networks, and let me give you some examples.

Using Software

If you were to use some software, you might be using some kind of software to build links, now that’s okay and you can build quite a lot of links using software, but they tend to be low level links, not much power behind them. And you don’t fully control them so over time or pretty much instantly they can get deleted by wherever the link is placed on the website.

So the webmaster might detect it as spam for instance and delete that link. So using software you’re not fully in control of the actual links that are pointing at whatever you’re trying to rank, whether it be a website or video.

Guest Posting

Another one would be if you were to like get a guest post. So guest posting would be you put your own blog information on somebody else’s website and you gain a link back to your website. So this is great and usually the blog roll, which would be how many blogs are on the first page of the website, it would be say 5 or 10 actual blogs on the page.

Now the bottom one, once you can get another update on that page from another blog post, that bottom one will roll off onto the next page. So if you think about that, over time, after a few more posts your blog post that you originally did is going to get pushed down the page. Now any link juice, any power that’s coming from that home page you’re going to lose it because you’re going to get pushed eventually onto the second page. So where you might see some rankings from blog posting, guest posting, eventually that blog post where that link is coming from is going to get pushed onto a second page where there’s possibly not so much power there, so saying that you’re not in control of blog posts.

Buying Links

Another one is to buy links. You can buy links, so let me tell you about buying links. If you buy a link from a website and they place the link on a page, and let’s say there’s four other links on that page, then your link that is coming off that page is being shared by four other links. Now obviously because you’re buying a link on another page the person, the webmaster is going to be selling other links to other people as well. So if you’re sharing that power that’s coming from that page by four other people, obviously over time, eventually there’s going to be more links coming on that page and your link power is going to get diluted. So even though you’ve got a decent link on there, if there’s more links coming onto the page and the outbound links is building up to 10, 15, 20 and so on, the power going from that link through to your website or whatever you want to rank is going to be diluted. So you can see there are three different methods there which are pretty well known and pretty well widely used as well, so you can see that they all have their defaults and drawbacks.

Using A Private Blog Network (PBN)

So using a blog network is something that puts you in 100% control. You don’t get any of those three things that I’ve just spoken about there, you don’t get any of that happening. So I just wanted to give this resource out to people and just talk about the power of blog networks and how they can help you in your SEO business. So stick around and listen out for more of these short recordings just giving some tips on SEO and how you can accelerate your SEO efforts, and really thrive on making some money online. Whether it’s affiliates, whether it’s you just want to rank your blog, get some exposure, or whether you’re doing this for offline clients or whatever. You know, it works for anything really and this SEO strategy is how you rank and it could be for websites, it could be for videos, it could be for social pages, it could be for anything. Okay so this is Stace Ace, thanks for listening and I’ll speak to you all soon.

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